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Hand remote with chain counter

4 mtr cable 12/24 volts


code 600015
command transmission wire
number of button 3
voltage 12-24Vdc
operative temperature -10:+60
IP protection rated* 66
max contacts amperage (A) 2
weight (gr) 710
dimension (mm)  155x65x45


Hand Held Remote Control Chaincounter GALAXY 503
This new remote chain counter model GALAXY 503 has been specifically designed to give the full control in anchoring. It’s a reliable and practical instrument, technologically advanced, specifically design for use in marine environments. The external casing, completely waterproof, gives the maximum freedom on board during anchoring manoeuvring, by to a soft rubber cover. Provided with an evolved microprocessor that offers a series of advantages for full control of the anchoring.

• High vision LCD display
• Five languages menu
• Inversion polarity protection
• Switch On button
• Automatic release function
• Up allarm
• Speed
• Ampere drawing
• Released chain
• Voltage display
• Backled on eight level
• Eight level of contrast
• Sensor detection function
• Parallel connection

  600015  REMOTE CONTROL GALAXY503       245.83 €     

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